p2m bike tuesday: Manfred präsentiert seinen Scott Addict CX mit unseren NG SRAM Powermeter. Viel zu sauber für einen Crosser, oder? 😉

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In honour of the St. Gabriel site with its red clinker facade and red baking tile tower, a magazine called ‘aufgegabelt’ was published. The home of the Chase GmbH was already built under Emperor Franz-Joseph 1. and was to serve as a city within the city at that time. Today the versatile use of this building ranges from a wedding cake shop to a bookbinder and of course Chase GmbH.

Our rooms of the former bakery in St.Gabriel are well adapted to our daily work needs and were beautifully presented during a shooting for our article in the magazine.

The development and handmade production of innovative carbon components is progressing well, especially because Peter Fröhlich and Felix Schneider show enthusiasm and 100% commitment. But sometimes help comes from a few motivated students who can gain a lot of experience in carbon production in a great atmosphere.

Manfred started his Cross-season 2017 yesterday. He chose an event in Traun in Upper Austria for his kick-off.

“Until the end of the second round I managed to catch up from the rear position that I had to start from. I now reached the leading group. From then, I could overtake the leading position every now and then. Due to some speed attacks the group got smaller. In the second half of the race there was a strong offensive by Philipp Heigl. I needed a whole round to catch up again. After that we were two at the leading position, but Andreas Hofer was only a few meters behind us. In this formation we started into the two last rounds. Most of the time I was cycling in the front position and was trying to keep the distance between me and my opponent. But he was cycling right behind me like a shadow.Finally, in the last bend, 300 meters to the finish line, the most important seconds followed. Philipp Heigl started to speed up amazingly and I couldn’t follow him – this gap remained and I wasn’t able to catch up anymore. Obviously, there was a narrow distance and missing the victory so shortly is teasing. My opponent was better today – huge respect to his performance – and the second position is also a good result.”

Of course it’s a pity to miss the victory shortly, but gratulation though to the excellent performance of Manfred.


Just in time for the start of the cyclocross season the new specific cross-country rims made by Chase are ready to be used. Manfred came to our manufacture in Maria Enzersdorf to receive his individual rims and pick them up personally.

Manfred Zöger, handcrafted in Austria, Carbon, Felge, Grenzgasse 111 9/6/6, St. Gabriel, Felix Schneider, Peter Fröhlich, Chase

These new Chase carbon rims are high quality products handcrafted in Austria. Two types of cross country rims are available – a version for rim brakes and a disk-version. He is looking forward to his first competition the following weekend – the Crossrace Action Day des RC SK Vöest. He’ll cycle and check out his new “Chase mud” rims.

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Was für ein Tag!Die Veranstalter des ASVÖ King of the Lake haben mit dem Wettergott für 2017 wieder einen Pakt…

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About 250 cyclists from nine different nations faced the challenge in the Bike Night Flachau. Due to a lot of rain and bad wheather conditions prior to the 7th edition of this event on 12th of August, a slippery track could be expected. To attain a fair and above all a secure competition the jury decided to shorten the course. The very heart of the track, the downhill through the Hermann-Maier-Weltcup-course, was only cycled in the first round. As a consequence, the race was even a closer competition between the first three bikers.

Felix Ritzinger, handcrafted in Austria, Carbon, Felge, Grenzgasse 111 9/6/6, St. Gabriel, Felix Schneider, Peter Fröhlich, Chase, Bike Night Flachau

Felix Ritzinger wins the spectacle under floodlights in the ski resort Flachau! Partly, with times below 7 minutes per round and 300 starters on the track, dodging the other cyclists that he had overtaken and avoid collisions was the bigger challenge than the slippery and wet meadow. The leading position changed in nearly every round, but in the end after all 18 rounds Felix succeeded in the final sprint in the night and won with 2 hours and 8 minutes – after the disappointing results in previous competitions this was a very important victory for him!

Bike Night Flachau

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