The fifth edition and thus the final race of the Vienna Bahn-o-Rama Series in the Ferry Dusika Stadium, on March 2nd, took place again with the participation of Team Chase. The interest in this event grew from time to time, and the stands of the cycling stadium became more and more crowded.

For the mixed field of young athletes, paracyclists, amateurs and elite drivers, there were several competitions on the race schedule. To qualify for the A or B finals, two elimination races each were held.

In the points races, placings were fought for after the qualification. The race remained turbulent with exciting intermediate sprints after every 10th lap in order to score extra points by winning a lap and the well-known snowball system, in which more and more points are awarded in the increasing course of the race. Our athlete Felix took second place in the B final behind Wolfgang Steinbach.

Martin Granadia

A special highlight was the team race, Madison, which took place at the end. The teams of two were able to master the often spectacular changes between the two drivers during the laps with flying colours. There was no fall and the mood during the Madison increased. Team Chase received loud support from the inside of the track for this edition of the Bahn-o-Rama.

In this last and fifth edition of the Bahn-o-Rama the award ceremony of the series took place.

All results now online.

Chase, handcrafted in Austria, carbon, rim, Grenzgasse 111 9/6/6, St. Gabriel, Felix Schneider, Peter Fröhlich

At the beginning of the cycling season 2016 a new racing series was launched. The Vienna Bahn-O-Rama is organised by individuals for enthusiastic cyclists.

Already at the fourth holding of the event a biker started for Chase.

There were several different race sessions.

Chase at the #4 Bahn-O-Rama, handcrafted in Austria, Carbon, Felge, Grenzgasse 111 9/6/6, St. Gabriel, Felix Schneider, Peter Fröhlich, Chase

Last Friday, on January 20th, the drivers have been divided in 2 separate groups, a fast group and rather slower one.

Subsequently, the two groups started in a 30- respectively 60-round Snowballcompetition.

In this special race session the drivers sprint every 10th round for points.

The special feature of the Snowballcompetition is that every 10th round the amount of points continuously increases, which means you will get the most points in the 50th and 60th round.

The organizers of the Vienna Bahn-O-Rama are providing an event with a familial atmosphere, ambitious race characteristics and loads of enthuasiasm.

Even race-newbies will have fun.

Chase, handcrafted in Austria, carbon, rim, Grenzgasse 111 9/6/6, St. Gabriel, Felix Schneider, Peter Fröhlich

Pictures kindly provided by Martin Granadia