For the 24th time Krumbach and the Bucklige Welt was the scene of the Bike the Bugles MTB Marathon. Just in time for the race weekend, after weeks of midsummer weather, there was a sudden fall in temperature. On the day before the event there was a lot of rain and on the race day itself the temperatures were clearly in the single digits, in addition there was continuous rain. But the real bikers could not be stopped by that.

Chase-teamrider Manfred started as defending champion on the classic distance. He was part of the leading group from the very beginning and was able to stand out from the rest of the drivers in the first third together with Philipp Wetzelberger and Andreas Waldmann.

On a short uphill running passage towards Hutwisch a first preliminary decision was made. Manfred was able to open up a small gap of a few seconds. Although he didn’t push the pace any further, but kept the rythm, his fellow competitors couldn’t close the hole anymore. On the contrary: Although Manfred didn’t attack and wasn’t at his limit yet, the gap got bigger and bigger.

The experienced athlete didn’t want to miss this chance: When he noticed that his competitors were getting weaker, he used the opportunity accordingly. He increased his speed and continued to extend his lead. At the finish line he could celebrate his third ‘Bike the Bugles’ victory in a row with a time of 3 hours and 13 minutes and was very surprised himself by this fabulous time in these difficult conditions.


Last weekend the second run of the austrian cross-country cup took place in Stadl-Paura (Upper Austria). Chase-biker Manfred from the Picher Racing Team was highly motivated to achieve another podium place after his second place in Maria Enzersdorf.

He took the lead right at the start and led the 60 other athletes through the first lap. After that the race was for a long time characterized by tactical gimmicks of the top drivers. The lead changed several times per lap and a lot of athletes fought for their victory and the podium places for a long time. For the spectators it was an extremely exciting race to watch. Two laps before the end there were still 5 drivers at the lead together. But then Manfred started his attack – at a short ascent he went to the first position and sprinted up the hill. Immediately he could open a gap to the other pursuers and from then on there was only “full throttle”. In sovereign manner he could finish the race as the lead.

Next sunday at the thrid cupstation in Langenzersdorf there will already be the next fight for victory of the local cross-country-elite.