At the end of June the Kitzalpbike MTB Festival took place in Kirchberg in Tyrol, for the 23rd time this year. At 9 a.m. the long distances started together, more than 1,000 participants waited for long and steep climbs, fast downhills and demanding single trails.

Chase team rider Manfred started at the Austrian National Championship on the longest distance with 90 kilometres and over 4,000 metres of altitude difference. On the first mountain he found a good rhythm and was well in the race. But already at the second long ascent up to Ehrenbachhöhe it didn’t run quite as smoothly, the legs didn’t turn really loose anymore. Already then Manfred suspected that today would be a “long” day. The route did not become any easier afterwards, it went on over the Mausefalle to the Hahnenkamm and to the Pengelstein, before after a longer descent the last ascent waited for the riders – again it went up to the Ehrenbachhöhe at 1,800 meters sea level.

At the end, after more than 4,000 meters of altitude difference, the more than 20 minutes long and demanding downhill run over the Fleckalmtrail waited for the riders. Manfred reached the finish after almost 5 ½ hours of driving time. He was exhausted and tired and at the same time disappointed about his performance – unfortunately things did not go well for him on that day. His goal was a time under 5 hours, which would definitely have been possible on a “normal” day.