The international cross-country GP in Stadl-Paura was waiting for the participants and spectators this year with a starter field of the special class. The athletes in the C2 race of the elite men came from a total of 8 different nations. Among the participants were also starters from Belgium and the Netherlands, the cross-nations par excellence.

Accordingly, the race was extremely fast right from the start. Manfred was in midfield right from the start. The weather was really bad with about 3° and partly rain, so perfect for crossing. This made the already demanding course even more difficult, with only a few passages left to be completed on an ongoing basis.

Manfred showed a decent performance and finally finished 18th. He could not quite keep up with the international top riders. After all, he was still second-best Austrian with his performance.

After a short break from competition, the cross race in Pernitz is his next planned racing event.


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