On August 11th Kirchschlag in the Buckligen Welt was the venue of the Schlossberg XC. The traditional event was held for the 17th time this year. For Chase team rider Manfred, this race is always something special, as he comes from the town and was already at the start of the very first edition of this event in 2001, at that time still in the student class.

He won each of the last three races and was therefore again the favourite this year. The track was very deep and muddy due to heavy rainfall the night before the race, which made it extremely exhausting for all participants. Nevertheless, Manfred took the lead of the field immediately after the start and set the pace. Only one rider was able to follow him for a fairly long time, but on the ascents it quickly emerged who was the stronger of the two on this day.  After 1 hour and 9 minutes Manfred crossed the finish line as the winner and thus lived up to his role as favourite.


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