Ternitz in the Neunkirchen district was the venue for two exciting racing days in the cross-country sport on the 20th and 21st October of 2018.

Chase-driver Manfred once again showed his current top form. At the race on Saturday, he got his third victory in a row after a thrilling fight. Two laps to go, he already had a small advantage over his pursuers, but then he had a self-inflicted slip-up in a corner.

Although he was back on the bike quickly, his advantage was ruined. Thus, the race was completely open again and there was a three-men leading group in the last round. But Manfred once again proved to be the currently strongest driver in austria. With an attack he managed to shake off his rivals and successfully drove through the finish line as winner!

At the international C2 race on sunday he unfortunately had bad luck right at the beginning. At the start, a competitor got into his front wheel which caused one of the spokes to break. Manfred was one of the last to get back on track. Although he managed a good catch-up he was nowhere near the top places that day. The winner was the belgian Braam Merlier, after him came the czech Paprstka and another belgian. Manfred got the 17th place in the international field as the second-best austrian.

Pics (c) by Ernst Teubenbacher

Our opening ceremony on April 1st 2016 was a great success.

In the evening of April 1st we celebrated the opening of our new, young company in our factory.

Eröffnungsfeier Chase, handcrafted in Austria, Carbon, Felge, Grenzgasse 111 9/6/6, St. Gabriel, Felix Schneider, Peter Fröhlich, Chase


Besides to local politicians, like the mayor of Maria Enzersdorf ans DI Johann Zeiner, we also welcomed the technology and innovation representative of Lower Austria, WKO representative ING Roman Langer MSc MAS and businessman Stephan Duursma MBA.


Eröffnungsfeier, DI Johann Zeiner, handcrafted in Austria, Carbon, Felge, Grenzgasse 111 9/6/6, St. Gabriel, Felix Schneider, Peter Fröhlich, Chase

Picture: market town Maria Enzersdorf

Additionally, we could also convince notable industry agents and the local press of the great capability of carbon fiber production in a short presentation of our company.

Our guests showed great interest in the manufacturing process and in our previously produced products.

We carried really nice conversations and could even establish new, important contacts.


Eröffnungsfeier Chase, DI Johann Zeiner, handcrafted in Austria, Carbon, Felge, Grenzgasse 111 9/6/6, St. Gabriel, Felix Schneider, Peter Fröhlich, Chase

On Friday, Oct the 27th, the first competion of the popular training series Bahn-o-Rama in Vienna was held. It’s the second year for the Series on the

Mid of July – Summer, Sun, Salzkammergut Trophy: For all mountain bikers, this event in Bad Goisern is an annual must. More than 5,000 participants started on one of seven possible distances in the 21st edition of this classic.

Felix was the first rider for the Chase team to enter the competition at 5.00 a.m. – insiders know what this early start time means: 210 kilometres and 7,100 metres of elevation gain, the extreme distance through Salzkammergut! Since for the experienced long-distance athlete such ultra distances are nothing completely unusual anymore, he also showed an accordingly high performance! After 13 hours and 18 minutes he reached the finish line very tired although extremely satisfied.



In the meantime Manfred had also completed his race. He started on the 55 km “All-Mountain”-distance, which contains the most difficult downhills of the region. An extremely exciting course of the race developed on this track. On the last climb, the top group of four fell apart after an attack by the German Simon Gessler, only Manfred could follow the pace. In the final descent and on the last flat kilometres towards the finish, the two rivals even worked together to maintain their advantage on the rest of the competition. The decision had to be made during the sprint and Manfred was unbeatable – he won with a 2 hours and 40 minutes race time, only 1 second ahead of Gessler.



For Austrian triathlon, the Ironman in Klagenfurt (Carinthia) is one of the biggest flagships in the scene. The race is internationally known and renowned. The long distance competition covers 3.8 km of swimming, followed by 180 km of cycling and completed by a 42 km long marathon. Each of the disciplines offers a special scenic feature. Swimming through a turquoise-blue Wörthersee with drinking water quality. The two 90 km laps of the bike course lead along the southern shore to the Fakeer See, over the Carinthian hinterland with a great panoramic view, back to Klagenfurt. Along the canal and through the heart of the city, the participants are constantly fighting against exhaustion and time.

In the short term there was the possibility to get a spot for the sold out spectacle. So it came to the Chase debut at an Ironman event. For Felix, basically a bike specialist, this meant full concentration on a good cycling time.

The aerodynamically optimized material should form the basis for a fast wheel split. A skinsuit with an accurately pinned starting number, a disc wheel in a striking and matching design, fitting the Rams Cycling time trial bike and the newly developed  Chase APS – Aero Performance System– a handlebar cockpit for time trial, track and triathlon bikes that enables an aerodynamic and at the same time power-saving posture.



Over a distance of 180 km, the management of forces as well as the fluid and energy balance is of the highest importance. Turning into the red area once too often or skipping a feed zones could affect overall performance.

The first lap was marked by many overtaking manoeuvres, but did not reduce the average speed. The Pacing was around 220-225 watts and felt good until halfway through the second round. Both the ascent to the Faker See, as well as the Rupertiberg with more than 300 watts could be attacked to immediately return to the aeroposition and to bring the bike up to speed.

After an average of 4:53 and 36.5 km/h Felix was able to park the bike in the transition zone.




In cooperation with the Federal Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology bmvit, Chase was a guest at the lange Macht der Forschung 2018 on 13 March 2018 in Vienna.

There, scientists tried in a simplified way to make their latest findings easily understandable for the research of tomorrow.

Peter and Felix were invited to an interview in which they reported how they came up with their own start-up Chase. How they can realize themselves and manufacture carbon components in their own production facilities with all their strength and innovative spirit. In cooperation with FFG, we were selected in advance as the most innovative start-up and presented in an FFG advertising campaign.

After the interview on stage in the 1st district, visitors could get to know carbon parts and the company philosophy at the Chase booth. It was pleasing that many open and interested visitors passed by the stand on this summer evening.

Der Frühling gab in der letzten Woche schon einen kleinen Vorgeschmack.Last week spring already gave a small foretaste.

Can you spot my #CHASEcx wheels? ? #itsallaboutthewheels

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