In the middle of September of 2018 the popular individual and team trial around the Attersee took place.

Once again there was a direct duel between Wolfgang Hoffmann and Felix Schneider at the King of the Lake. Both riders of Team Chase were optimally prepared for the race. For Wolfgang it was a late highlight of the season with specific training on the TT bike, for Felix it was the end of a long season with many kilometers on his Rams Cycling timekeeper. The weather, as so often in the Attergau, showed its best side. Mild temperatures and a constant tailwind on the second half of the course provided new personal best times for many participants.

With the new “CHASE me” aerorim valuable seconds could be won on the mostly flat course. The optimizations through the Chase armrests and carbon extensions on the white Rams Cycling enabled a significantly more aerodynamic position of the arms and the head in comparison to last year. With just over three minutes ahead of his 2017 time Felix got the 39th place.

Wolfgang was able to distribute his performance really well over the 47 kilometers around the Attersee. He also significantly undercut his 2017 time. The internal duel went to Felix again in 2018.