At the end of April, the Ferry Dusika track bike stadium closes its doors for a summer break. The track bikes are transferred from the cabins to the cellars. Only the intrepid Fixie riders are still on the road in Vienna on their city bikes with a rigid transmission.

Both types of cyclists met at the first “KonCrit” Fixed Gear Criterion on May 26th in the popular Cyclodrom. On the 900 m stretch with a wide, flat and a narrow, sloping left turn, road criteria are usually used. A relaxed atmosphere and wonderful summer weather brought many spectators and some courageous participants to the Danube Island.

Chase KonCrit Warm Up

For the Giant Omnium track wheel with Felix’s Chase Track track wheels it was the first contact with real road surface. From the start flag on, the 30 laps were tackled. At first quite restrained, after some rounds getting faster and faster.

The day before the last time trial of the Wienerwald Cup took place, perfect warm up for the 40-minute race. The average speeds in the Cyclodrom were again as expected high – 39.5 km/h Average – Fixed. Repeated attacks and vehement speeding led to a reduction of the field of participants, overlapped drivers were taken out of the race. It came to the finish sprint between Felix and two other drivers. On the home stretch there was a noticeable headwind, the position at the top was a disadvantage. With constant acceleration and the closing of the right line, the target sprint became a matter for the stiff Chase wheels. A victory.


photos Martin Granadia

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