Chase GmbH: In the heart of Maria Enzersdorf directly on the border to Mödling, our workshop is located with our own carbon part production. In Laut + Luisa’s great Magazin, which introduces the living worlds of the St. Gabriel site, you can get a nice impression of the small colorful world behind the beautiful brick walls of the monastery – including some insights into the company Chase!

At the end of June the Kitzalpbike MTB Festival took place in Kirchberg in Tyrol, for the 23rd time this year. At 9 a.m. the long distances started together, more than 1,000 participants waited for long and steep climbs, fast downhills and demanding single trails.

Chase team rider Manfred started at the Austrian National Championship on the longest distance with 90 kilometres and over 4,000 metres of altitude difference. On the first mountain he found a good rhythm and was well in the race. But already at the second long ascent up to Ehrenbachhöhe it didn’t run quite as smoothly, the legs didn’t turn really loose anymore. Already then Manfred suspected that today would be a “long” day. The route did not become any easier afterwards, it went on over the Mausefalle to the Hahnenkamm and to the Pengelstein, before after a longer descent the last ascent waited for the riders – again it went up to the Ehrenbachhöhe at 1,800 meters sea level.

At the end, after more than 4,000 meters of altitude difference, the more than 20 minutes long and demanding downhill run over the Fleckalmtrail waited for the riders. Manfred reached the finish after almost 5 ½ hours of driving time. He was exhausted and tired and at the same time disappointed about his performance – unfortunately things did not go well for him on that day. His goal was a time under 5 hours, which would definitely have been possible on a “normal” day.


The great magazine”Terra Mater” brings impressive reports from all over the world. Die FFG (Forschungs Förderungs Gesellschaft) advertises the student internships. The innovative young company Chase is also there.


At the end of April, the Ferry Dusika track bike stadium closes its doors for a summer break. The track bikes are transferred from the cabins to the cellars. Only the intrepid Fixie riders are still on the road in Vienna on their city bikes with a rigid transmission.

Both types of cyclists met at the first “KonCrit” Fixed Gear Criterion on May 26th in the popular Cyclodrom. On the 900 m stretch with a wide, flat and a narrow, sloping left turn, road criteria are usually used. A relaxed atmosphere and wonderful summer weather brought many spectators and some courageous participants to the Danube Island.

Chase KonCrit Warm Up

For the Giant Omnium track wheel with Felix’s Chase Track track wheels it was the first contact with real road surface. From the start flag on, the 30 laps were tackled. At first quite restrained, after some rounds getting faster and faster.

The day before the last time trial of the Wienerwald Cup took place, perfect warm up for the 40-minute race. The average speeds in the Cyclodrom were again as expected high – 39.5 km/h Average – Fixed. Repeated attacks and vehement speeding led to a reduction of the field of participants, overlapped drivers were taken out of the race. It came to the finish sprint between Felix and two other drivers. On the home stretch there was a noticeable headwind, the position at the top was a disadvantage. With constant acceleration and the closing of the right line, the target sprint became a matter for the stiff Chase wheels. A victory.


photos Martin Granadia

The 21st and 22nd of October, two cyclo-cross events in Ternitz took place. Manfred participated in both competetions and showed high performances. From the beginning of the national race at Saturday, he was part of the leading group. This consisted of four cyclists, later reduced to three athletes. Manfred was able to keep this position and maintained all fast acceleration parts. He decided not to cycle in the first position but as second or third cycler. In the round prior to the final round he started to attack – and it was too strong for the opponents. In this round he was the only one who managed to stay on the bike during the uphill part. His combatants had to get off the bike and carry it for some meters. There was a small gap but Manfred did not give away this lead. He strived hard for victory, used all his energie and succeeded to be the first crossing the finish line.

This success was the highlight in this successful season start for the 27-years old cyclist till now. In the first two competitions in Traun and Langenzersdorf, he reached the second place. In his third cross-race he succeeded to win – at the same time it’s the first victory for our Chase Mud-rim.

At Sunday, there was an international race of the C2-world ranking list. Fighting against european elite athletes was a tough challenge for Manfred. Additionally, rain started and conditions got more and more demanding. For his success from the precedent day, Manfred’s legs have already been suffering. He finished as 12th and narrowly missed the Top-10. Nevertheless, with this perfomance he was the best Austrian in the international biker surrounding.