On the 17th of July in 2017, Manfred Zöger started at the traditional ASVÖ Austria Grand Prix in Windhaag bei Perg.

The spectacular circuit has developed to a classic, which demands highest concentration from every participant. Highlights of the track are the two very difficult keypoints ‘Höllenloch’ and ‘Ruinendownhill’.

Athlete Manfred Zöger started from second row and even managed to lead the race for a short period of time. He could not hold first position for a long time, but stayed in good position anyway. In the second round, a technical defect at the backwheel bothered him: the wheel had to be changed and Manfred lost precious time. For two rounds, the top-athlete had to sprint in order to reach the other riders. After some time, he catched them again.

Despite the hard setback and the other strong riders, he could place himself in the top-20 in the end.

Chase, handcrafted in Austria, carbon, rim, Grenzgasse 111 9/6/6, St. Gabriel, Felix Schneider, Peter Fröhlich

Our Chase bottle surely helped him to achieve this top-performance. Its extremely low weight and high flexibility are also much appreciated by many other athletes. Especially in races the Chase bottles are being used more and more.