In this beautiful autumn day the conditions were perfect. Head off to a cross-race in Langenzersdorf just next to Vienna: the athletes of Team Chase all showed a very good performance at the ‘King & Queen of Seeschlacht’. Our Chase Mud-rims – available as disk version and as rim-brake version – were perfect to fight in those tough race conditions.

The specific cross-country rims give comfort in the long straight but turbulent passages and at the same time enable the cyclist to pass trough the sharp curves fast. Our athlete Manfred Zöger reached with an excellent performance the second place in the overall standing in the 60′ elite-race behind a cyclist from Hungary. Second cross-race and second position on the podium. After his disease, Felix Ritzinger showed also that he is a powerful cyclist. He showed a good performance and for the next races you can definitely count on a position on the winner’s rostrum. Felix Schneider was one of the strongest bikers in the 40′ race. After catching up from a rear starting position he reached the leading group. He finished with a good performance and finally reached the third row in the overall standings. 

A great day for Team Chase.

Handcrafted Carbon Wheels applied in the tough race conditions.

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